LP Consults

What We Do

We improve the guest experience, taking a holistic and all-encompassing approach to this loosely defined concept. We work with your team to develop and implement a strategy that fits your guests’ needs and meets your objectives to enhance the quality and culture of the property.

As an industry professional once explained, we believe that service is black and white, and hospitality is color. Our work is to make hotels more colorful.

Why We Do It

From online to word-of-mouth reviews, the memory imprint that you leave on a guest can have a powerful impact on your business, especially with the experience-focused mindset of this new generation of travelers. We partner with you to create a vibrant community of loyal followers and inadvertent brand ambassadors.

How We Do It

We conduct a visit to the property and provide an in-depth report with suggestions of improving the guest experience that keep in line with your brand’s objectives, goals and vibe of the property. Our work covers both service and experiential aspects of the guest experience, as you will see below.

Find examples of suggestions and work that we produce below—please keep in mind that they will vary for different properties:

Service Offerings

  • Conduct unbiased audits for every aspect of the hotel stay, including spa and dining venues
  • Provide actionable feedback for standards that are below expectations
  • Meet with executive team to discuss findings and devise effective strategies for immediate improvement
  • Lead customized trainings based off of the audit results and offer on-going support
  • Devise internal brand guidelines and custom standards in order to maintain quality and integrity of brand—particularly during expansion
  • Create templates and train staff to constructively respond to adverse TripAdvisor or other reviews 

Experiential Offerings

  • Overarching analysis of the guest experience to identify blindspots and areas of opportunity
  • Refinement of food and beverage programs—including menu writing, layout optimization and cocktail and wine lists—with our in-house certified sommelier
  • Design and implement anticipatory gestures across the hotel stay
  • Customize welcome amenities, such as the illustrated dining guides we made for the Ludlow Hotel
  • Reshape in-room collateral (instead of traditional compendiums or binders)
  • Provide restaurant, neighborhood and activity suggestions for in-room collateral, tablets and apps (ideal for select-service properties)
  • Curate minibar offerings
  • Modernize wellness— with a focus on all-natural products, spa menu and food and beverage offerings
  • Edit and format recipes (cocktail and food) for the website or collateral
  • Construct loyalty gifts program with tiered levels
  • Plan and execute editorial content and calendar for team
  • Create bespoke experiences for guests using our industry contacts to partner with local chefs, mixologists and brands
  • Collect and refine the hotel’s art collection with our in-house curator (formerly of the Tate)

Yasmin Fahr

Yasmin Fahr is well versed in being a luxury hotel guest as she spent four years reviewing five-star hotels around the world for Forbes Travel Guide. She evaluated and critiqued almost every minute of these trips, spending time in different types of properties and countries so that she now can provide as objective an opinion as possible in what is inevitably a subjective field.

Drawing on her vast knowledge staying at and working with different brands, she creates a strategy that will improve guest reviews, online ratings and brand loyalty. From appealing to well-heeled, design-focused millennials to more conservative guests, Yasmin has a wide range of experience to draw on and has created her own proprietary standards based on her extensive research in both qualitative and quantitative interviews with frequent travelers.

Please fill out the form below so that we can better understand your needs and objectives or reach out at hello@lokapack.com. Thank you and we hope we get the chance to work with you soon!