Editorial Policy

LokaPack’s mission is to help you have better travel experiences. Our content and recommendations are solely from our own travels. They are not the result of paid trips or meals, or simply Googled and regurgitated—these are culled from pounding the pavement in search of the places the locals know and love.

We share these recommendations with you as we would with friends, with no other purpose than for your enjoyment. Our mission is to create a curated and trusted site for well-informed travelers who want to know where to eat and what to do in a new city.

You will see us mention hotels and brands both on the guide pages as well as on blog posts. These are there because we have chosen them, love them and visit/use them. We want to share our happy and positive experiences with you so that you can enjoy them as much as we do.

Should we ever receive a complimentary meal or hotel stay, then we will make sure to let you know. Similarly, if we create a sponsored post, working with a brand that we respect and want you to know about, then we will also make that very clear.

Thank you for being part of our pack!