Eating is a lens through which we get glimpses of a place’s history, habits and pace of life

Loka → World in Sanskrit
Pack → Wolves are instigators of positive change
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Traveling around the world has taught me many things, amongst them are the ways that I view hotel experiences.

As I see it, modern-day travelers, myself included, enjoy the thoughtful, personalized details in a hotel stay that create a strong memory imprint. It’s less about finding a standardized experience around the world and more about finding a property that exudes a strong personality and sense of self. It’s a time when being interesting and different is welcomed in both design and execution.

Rather than waking up in a room that could be anywhere in the world—which has often happened to me—it’s far more exciting to be in a room that incorporates aspects of its local community and presents an invigorating and thoughtful change from everyday life. Even if your guest is a business traveler dashing in and out, leaving them little goodies to take home for family or friends can make that difference.

My goal is to design each step of the guest experience to make your property stand out, from an inviting and rejuvenating welcome to a heart-warming departure, with the little details in between that separate a great experience from a fantastic one.

my three favorite things in life…


We need food for sustenance, yes, but it is so much more than that. Eating is a lens through which we get glimpses of a place’s history, habits and pace of life.


Fun is a word that I use a lot, mostly because I want to inject everything I do with a little bit of joy. It’s so much more fun that way, don’t you think? 

feeling good

Finding a balance between a love of eating and feeling good is essential for me, whether on the road or at home.

About the name

When reading the book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, which talks about the intuitive power of women, I began having dreams about wolves and their presence kept popping up in my life. It was after a yoga teacher of mine showed me a video about how wolves in Yellowstone National Park that I knew I needed to create a name that was connected to wolves in some way. In the video, they are introduced to the park to help with the over-run deer population and eventually changed the entire ecosystem and the path of the rivers for the better.

I love that they are connected to female intuition, are fiercely protective of their pack and are instigators of positive change, which speaks to the change that I want to make in people’s lives, whether it’s at a hotel on the road or at home with friends and family. Loka means world in sanskrit, which speaks to my 13+ years practicing yoga. Together, it’s creating a worldwide community of people, our own wolf pack.